Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It is my birthday!

Saturday, March 30th 2013, I turned 34 years old. It was my birthday.  I remembered when I started to cry when I turned 20 thinking that it was sooo old.  I have decided to embrace my age now.    I am lucky to be 34, healthy with healthy boys and a great family and close friends.   Yeah, I wish I was 10 pounds less and fewer wrinkles, but oh well, I am just trying to enjoy every day now.

Aaron gave me beatifull flowers from now my favorite flower shop, Walter Knowll Florist.

Birthday flowers from hubby
My mom gave me some jewerly from Minas Gerais (brazilian precious gem), that I will forever cherish.  The boys gave me some new coffee mugs and a much needed fruit basket.  

For the day, my mom and I did a little bit of shopping.  In the afternoon, we took the boys to Marielle's birthday party a children's gum.   Noah got a bloody nose from falling from a playground.  They make the kids wear socks while playing on wooden equipment, not very safe!  

Then, for dinner we finally headed to the new BBQ Brazilian restaurant in town: Tucano's.

As a brazilian and with a brazilian Mom, we can say that the food is very authentic and they had pretty much everything, a huge salad buffet (Quail eggs, sushi, rice, beans, strognofe, tons of salads....) and a big variety of meat, steak and sea food (Everything from chicken hearts to lobster).  The place was packed!  We had reservations, but there were so many people waiting outside.  The food was amazing, and felt that I was able to celebrate my birthday the brazilian way with my favorite people.  They even sang happy birthday to me in Portuguese!

Aaron and I

The waiter singing Happy Birthday to me in Portuguese

Sam, my mom and I

Noah, my mom and I