Friday, April 26, 2013

Disney Trip Day #1

Disney Day #1

·         Check into the Resort
·         Magic Kingdom
·         Downtown Disney –T- Rex restaurant
Our Disney Trip was finally here after months of anticipation. This trip was a surprise for the boys and we were planning to celebrate Sam’s 4th birthday there. After months of planning, researching, speaking code words (Disco was for Disney), it was here.  Our flight was very early in the morning (6 AM) direct to Orlando.    We woke up the boys and headed to the airport.  We just planned to tell them whenever a good opportunity arose.   After getting in line and waiting for Southwest to open, Sam finally asked: “Where are we going?”  Aaron grabbed the IPAD and we did a little video moment telling them that we were going to Disneyworld to see the castle and Mickey’s house.  It was such a sweet moment, they were very excited.  The flight went smooth (only about 2:15 minutes to Orlando from STL).  Our bags went straight to our room which was very nice using Mickey’s Magical Express.  

Just arrived at the Orlando airport
We did our check in to the resort., Port New Orleans Resort- Riverside,  Which was beautiful.  The grounds were very nicely landscaped to look like a southern bayou with palm trees, azaleas and flowers.  Our building was right across from a pool.   We had lunch at the resort main building (designed to look like an old port and water mill) and headed to Magic Kingdom on the shuttle service for a little bit since we had some time before our dinner reservations.

Sam's bed

Our hotel room

Port New Orleans Riverside

The boat that goes to Downtown Disney
It was a little bit hot for us (it was the hottest time  of the day) and I think we were all tired from traveling, so we just walked around a little bit, did the haunted mansion (the boys loved it), and took some pictures of the castle.   Sam was amazed and then we headed back to freshen up.

The boys are ready to party

We took the boat to Downtown Disney which was a very pleasant boat ride down the river.   We had a 6 PM dinner reservations at the T-Rex restaurant.   It is just so nice to have the Disney meal plan.  We just pay for tips.  All the restaurants at Disney were included in the plan.  It is better to have reservation ahead of time because the waiting could be 2 hours if you don’t have any.    We walked right into the restaurant and sat at the “Ice Age room”.   Noah was astonished with everything; he is a BIG dino fan. 
T-Rex restaurant at downtown Disney

Chocolate Extinction for desert

Aaron at the ice age room
 Sam slept halfway thru the restaurant but woke up just in time for desert.    The food was good and the Dino show was very good, the kids loved it.   We had the big desert “chocolate extinction” with smoke going all over, it was very good.   They had a Build a Dinosaur Workshop store and Noah got to pick out a dinosaur.   After dinner, we headed to the Lego store and Sam got to pick out a toy there.    It was fun; we walked around a little bit more and headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest.   This was just the first day!

Lego Store

Buzz and Woody made of Lego

Walking thru downtown Disney

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