Friday, April 26, 2013

Disney Trip Day #3

Disney Day #3
·         Chef Mickey’s
·         Magic Kingdom
·         Swimming pool
·         Downtown Disney
Today was a very special day, it was Sam’s 4th birthday.    We got up early and got a cab to Chef Mickey’s which is located at the Disney Contemporary Resort for our 7:30 breakfast appointment.   So, you think maybe that early wouldn’t be that much people, but the place was packed.  The resort was the luxury one and it was beautiful with awesome views. The Disney monorail train when right through the restaurant high above our heads.   The breakfast buffet was very good, with so many choices (Aaron loaded up on the smoked salmon, he always says to go for the high-value items on a buffet :) ).  The birthday boy had a yellow napkin and the rest of us had a blue napkin. When the characters would come in, we would all wave at our napkins, so cool.     Sam had a special cupcake for him and got extra attention.   All the characters (Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Pluto…) took their time and went in every table for pictures and hugs.  Sam was in heaven.  The boys were so excited.   We almost didn’t eat because that was so much excitement around us.
Chef Mickey's to celebrate Sam's birthday
Sam loved seing all the characters, especially Mickey


Noah loved the Mickey Mouse wafles

Special cupacake for the special boy

Sam blowing his candle
Noah wasn't totally sure about the characters
Papai and Sam

The family enjoying this special day
After breakfast we took the train to the Magic Kingdom.   Once again we used the book’s touring plans and we headed straight to the new Fantasyland and rode the Dumbo twice, Winnie the Pooh, Little Mermaid and It’s a small world.  We took a pit stop for some fruit eating at the shade, which felt very good. Disney does a very good job of having tons of healthy snack options all over the parks.   Then we rode the Riverboat around Tom Sawyer Island and boys fell asleep at this point, so Aaron and I got in line to the Splash Mountain, and it felt awesome.  Sam got to pick out a toy and he picked out Duffy the bear.  Every night at the hotel they had a show with Duffy the bear telling good night stories and the boys were really into it. We had lunch and went back to the hotel.    Sam really wanted to go to the pool, so since it was his birthday we headed to the pool!   The pool was very nice, so relaxing.
Sam doing number 4 with his fingers

Dumbo ride

Little mermaid ride

They had 4 shows during the day, it was very cool.

what a special day!
After the pool, Aaron volunteered to watch the boys while my mom and I headed to Downtown Disney for some shopping and dinner.  We ate dinner at the Wolfgang Puck express.  We were all in bed by 9 PM.

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