Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Disney Trip Day #4

Disney Day #4
·         Magic Kingdom
·         Swimming pool
·         Epcot Center – Les Chefe de France
Today Magic Kingdom had their extra magic hours for the resort residents, which means that you can get to the park one hour before it regularly opens and stay 2 hours after it closes.  So we wanted to arrive early to finish some of the rides we wanted to do.  Our resort breakfast was packed so I think everyone had the same idea. I think we were able to get there by 8:30 AM, which still pretty good.   We did the Peter Pan ride, the jungle cruise (Noah loved it), pirates of the Caribbean and the Aladdin ride. Again, the lines were pretty quick and we even had more time to take pictures and everyone was collaborating. 
We also did the Toy Story ride at the Tomorrowland and Sam got to meet Buzz Lightyear, such a sweet moment.   We had a good lunch at Cosmic Rays Starlight Café in Tommorrowland with an alien DJ, the kids loved it.  Aaron and I took the advantage again of the kids being tired and rode the Space Mountain Roller coast.

We went back to the resort and hit the pool again, we wanted to tire out the kids since my mom would be babysitting tonight. The kids and my mom had dinner at the resort and Aaron and I headed to Epcot Center for a date night.
It was such a pleasant evening to walk around and take pictures. We had dinner at the French place called “Les Chefs de France”.  It was nice to have a date night with Aaron after all the craziness.  Our waiter Gael was French and we just felt we were in France too. The food was very good, we had wine and steak and we got to see the fireworks from our restaurant and it was so cool and so romantic.

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