Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter 2013

We started our Easter Sunday going to mass early in the morning.  The boys were good (or good enough!).  Sam yelled in the middle of the service "Jesus died???".  He goes to Sunday school and he really pays attention in everything they say.  After mass, we headed to Columbia to spend easter with the rest of the family. 

The boys did some egg hunting outside, the weather was beautiful.  They had a blast.  Dinner was very good and we also got to celebrate my birthday with cake made by aunt Meghan (my sister in law), the cake was delicious.  It was fun full day.
Sam and Noah with their baskets



Sam and Noah with their grandparents

Easter table

Noah, my mom and I enjoying dinner

The boys desert table setting

Happy Birthday to me!

Easter cookies made by aunt Meghan

Birthday cake made by Aunt Meghan

Family picture- Easter 2013

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