Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Anniversary fun

Aaron and I got married on December 1st, 2004 and we had our party in the summer of 2005 for family and friends.   We have always considered the December 1st wedding the offical one since it is the date on our marriage certificate.  This year we are celebrating our 8th. anniversary.  We usually just go out to dinner, but this year we decided to get a hotel in downtown and enjoyed some extra sleep!

We had dinner reservations at 7 PM at the Brasserie by Niche.   It is a french restaurant at the Central West End.   Aaron loves french culture since we have been to Montreal.   He is actually taking french lessons next month!  We hope to make it to Paris someday, but for now, we will just enjoy it here.  The atmosphere was very French, very cozy and super cute.  I ordered an endive salad, steak frites, a Parisien drink and for desert crème buleet.  Aaron had a frisee salad with poached egg and lardon, causoulet (he was very excited they had it that night!), wine and for desert a floating island.

Brassserie by Niche

Frisee Salad
Steak Frites

Frisee Salad with poached eg and lardon

After dinner we stopped by at my friend Masina's Christmas party for a little bit and we headed to the hotel.  We stayed the Westin downtown, literally across the street from the stadium.  Awesome hotel, very modern inside and they had great breakfast!  Tin Tin!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Tree 2012 and etc...

We finally got around to getting our Christams Tree.   We went to a place called Sullivan Farms in St. Charles, MO.   We went there last year and we really liked it.   The weather was only in the 50s, so it wasn't that cold at all.  The boys went running around to pick our tree.  Noah right away found our tree.   We got a Frasier Fir type of tree.

This one!

Everyone liked it!

The boys enjoyed watching the process

Sam by our tree

Pretty cool tree

After we got home, had lunch, naps, and then we started to decorate our tree.   The boys were really into helping papai and they did a very good job. 

Our Christmas Tree 2012
The next day we went to the mall to take picture with Santa (or Papai Noel).   We went to Chesterfiled Mall as we did last year as well.  The wait was about an hour, and we got there right at 11 AM.  The picture is hilarious, Noah was screaming and Sam was super serious!   We thought maybe Noah would be ok since he gave Santa a high 5, but as soon as I lay him on his lap, he was screaming/crying.  Awesome!   Since they were all dressed up we decided to get home and get some pictures taken for Chritmas cards.  After  a few tries...we were able to get a good one:

Noah Cryes, Sam smiles

Noah smiles, Sam gets serious

Yeah, a good one!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Vovó is back!

I finally got some time to update the blog, after a couple of crazy weeks of everyone under the weather.   Vovó is back!   Sam recognized vovó right away and gave her a big hug.   Noah took a little time to get used to vovó again, but now they are very close.  Lola was very excited to see vovó too.

Sam is now very excited to learn portuguese, his portuguese already improved tremendously in only a few days of Vovó being here.  She will be here with us for awhile!