Monday, October 29, 2012

The crew


I am originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.   I came to the US as an exchange student and loved my American family and US lifestyle so much that decided to come back for college.   I met my lovely husband in school and we got married in 2004.   We both work full time and have 2 awesome boys that are only 20 months apart.  I am teaching my boys Portuguese, but is is a challenge!


Aaron, the husband, is from a college town.   He is the chef of our house, loves to cook all nationalities, and thanks to my mom also learned how to cook brazilian food.  He has many hobbies, such as gardening, beer brewing, biking, running and lately fermentation. He will be collaborating with his recipes.


Our first son, born on April 17, 2009.  As a baby, Sam was always very independent.  He is very intelligent and an observer.   He is doing very good with his portuguese and has very good pronunciations in both languages.  He is a very proud big brother.


Our surprise Christmas baby born on December 25, 2010 right after Christmas dinner.  As a baby, Noah was always a cuddler and loved to be held.  He was such a good baby.   He is such a joy, and so intense.  As the babysitter once described, he is a ball of energy!  He loves attention, still very cuddler, and very different from his brother.