Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm goin' to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come!

My good friend  Bia and her family recently moved to Overland Park, Kansas.  They lived previously in Boston, so we are now only four hours apart, which is great.   We had planned this trip since January for the March 22nd weekend and also we would be celebrating cousin Jen's 30th birthday party.

I took a half day on Friday and the whole family (including Grandma) headed to Kansas City right around noon.  We made a pit stop in Columbia, MO to drop off Lola at Grandma and Grandpa's and we made it to KC just about 5 PM.    Bia has a son named Nick who is 8 years old and a daughter, Olivia, who is 4 (almost 5).  The kids got along right away and played so much together.  Noah was not shy and was so happy to be there.  He doesn't go to strangers very easily but he really liked my friend Bia right away.   My mom made lasagna that night and we just hung out and went to bed pretty early (We were so tired).

Noah, Nick, Olivia and Sam


New toys = Happy boys
The next day Aaron kept an eye on the weather (KC was suppose to be hit with a big snow storm on Sunday).  It looked like St. Louis was going to get hit too.  The St.Louis group that came for Jen's birthday was heading back early, so we decided to go back home on Saturday night.

Bia, Aaron and I did a little tour in the city and we went to Dean & Deluca for my gourmet husband to check out the goodies.  They have a restaurant there and it looked really good.

Dean & Deluca store

After a little tour, we got the family and headed to the best BBQ of Kansas City, Jack Stack BBQ.  The food was so good.  We had the beef burnt ends, which is the traditional Kansas City style barbecue favorite.
Jack Stack BBQ- Sam was sleeping but woke up just in time

Lunch with everyone!  Noah and Oliva turned and Aaron was taking the picture

Noah and Vovo

Olivia and Sam

Beef burnt ends and slice pork with famous pit beans

After having the best BBQ ever, we decided to head back home to avoid the big snow storm that was rapidly approaching!  We picked up Lola on our way and got home very tired.
The following day we woke up to this: 13 inches (33 cm) of snow, the biggest snow storm ever to hit St.Louis since 1982.  Good call that we made it home early.  We will go back to KC in the summer!

Our house - 13 inches of snow

Our sunday morning view (March 24, 2013)

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