Monday, March 18, 2013

My Thyroid Surgery

February 20, 2013 - Surgery day

My surgery was schedule for 7:30 AM at St. Luke's.   My in-laws came the night before to watch the boys, which was very nice.  I had so many friends and family that offered help to watch the boys that I felt so grateful.   My mom, Aaron and I headed to the hospital at 6 AM.    Everyone was super nice and talkative.   My surgery lasted about 2 hours.   My mom and Aaron followed my progress on the monitor (like an airplane that you can see where they are).  So they knew where I was at all times.  I remembered waking up at my bedroom and everyone was there, but I was too tired to talk.  I had a roommate and their TV was so loud and I just wanted to sleep.   Everything went well.  I got a little bit sick, but everything was manageable.  I was in the hospital just for one night (thankfully my roommate left and I was alone).   I just slept all day and night.  My calcium went down a little bit and I had to take so many calcium pills throughout the night.  Aaron came back in the morning.  Our doctor said I was going to stay until noon but due to the huge snow storm that was hitting the city of St. Louis, she was going to get me discharged by 9 AM.   Thankfully we left the hospital just before the huge snow storm hit us.

My mom and the boys were home waiting for me.  My mom made my favorite meal - chicken strogonoff with real French fries. So yummy.   I just slept and tried to recover from the surgery.

The next few days, I just rested and tried to rest up as much as I could.  Here is a picture of my Scar - 3 days later:

Scar- 3 days pos ops
I received so many emails, messages, texts, phone calls, presents from my friends and family and I felt overwhelmed with so much care and love.  Very thankful for so many good people in my life.  A few of my treats:

Flowers from Sam and Noah

Orquid by my BFF (Beth, Jamie and Brooke)

Beautiful flowers from WWT (work people)

Fruit arrangement by sis Kate and family
Honeybakded ham dinner by Monsanto

Cupcakes by BFF Bia and family


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