Saturday, May 3, 2014

Turning 5 is awesome!

I have so many posts to post…but time is slipping away from me and I need to go back to the blog and register all the milestones that have happened.  I might have some old posts popping up...some trips, especial birthdays...but I will go back to those sometime soon.

Sam just turned 5 on April 17, 2014.    My big boy is now 5 years old.    Where did the time go???   We have no idea.   Sam was very excited about his birthday this year.  He now knows dates on the calendar, so he knew it was coming up and was counting all the days.   He got up with a big smile on his face saying “I am 5!” over and over.    We sang happy birthday in both languages and headed to school, I took some Ninja Turtle cupcakes.  He was a happy boy.  Noah cried after we sang to Sam because he wants to be 5 too.

This was my facebook and Instagram post:

Sam is 5 today! The boy who loves to learn, that can build anything out of paper, my little engineer. Happy Birthday to my little man! Sam esta fazendo 5 aninhos hoje, um menino de ouro que adora aprender e construir coisas de papel, um pequeno engenheiro. Parabéns meu filho, te amo!

Edit: He loves Shaun White too!

 At lunch time I picked him up for his 5 year old checkup.   That is the only time they had since I called so late, so he had to get some shots on his birthday which was not fun.  He was ok with taking the shots, but afterwards his arm was swollen and he was in a little bit of pain.  Note to self: Don’t schedule appointment on actual birthdays.  He also failed on his vision test, so we will need to schedule an ophthalmologist this summer to maybe get glasses?  I started using glasses at 7 years old, but I thought 5 was too young.  We will see. 

After school he opened some packages from grandma and grandpa and had some exciting phone calls from vovo.

On Saturday, we are having his birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.   The party will require a whole new post.

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