Friday, August 23, 2013

Sam is in preschool

We decided to enroll Sam to preschool for their summer camp in July.   That way he could still spend some time with his friend Kubi before Kubi would start Kindergarten.  Kubi was Sam's friend from home daycare but he is a year older than Sam.   The first week Sam did great, he was so excited to start the new school.   The second week was hard, he cried every day before school.   He didn't want to go to school at all.  It was very hard to get him out of the car and I had to do constantly some magic.  The daycare ladies worked with me and just tried to take him back to the class very quick.  It was almost 3 weeks of crying and fits before school.  I talked to Kubi's mom and she said it was normal and also took Kubi about 3 weeks to adapt.  Sometime in the forth week, he started to love school again and was excited to go to school every single morning.  They do ice cream and sprinkler fun on fridays and we just really like his school.

Sam first day at Hope Montessori preschool summer camp 7/8/13

Gavin went to pick him up

On August 8th, he was transferred to a new classroom and he is now an officially Pre-K.   He was so excited to have his cubby and to start the curriculum year.  They now have field trips on the bus which Sam can't wait to ride on it.  He is now a very happy preschooler!

First Day of Pre-K

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