Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Turning 5 is awesome! Part II

The following saturday after Sam's birthday was his birthday party.  Grandma and Grandpa arrived early on saturday and gave Sam his birthday present, a big boy bike!  He was so excited and went for a ride around the block.  He did pretty good for his first real bike.
Sam got a big boy bike

Sam asked for his party to be at Chuck E Cheese and to have a Lego themed party this year.   We invited his friends from school, family and a few Brazilian friends.  We had 17 kids coming to his party!   Aunt Meghan made a Lego Cake that was awesome and grandma made the goodie bags, everything was LEGO customized, so cute.   The kids had a lot of fun.  The party was a success and Sam was a happy boy.
Lego cake made by aunt Meghan

Goodie bags made by Grandma  

Inside the goodie bags
The kids played for an hour, than they all sat down to have pizza, lemonade and cake.  Chuck E Cheese showed up for his show, sang happy birthday and Sam went along with everything.  It is a work out for the parents, but the kids have a lot of fun!

Corey and Aunt Meghan holding Noah

Ticket master!

Dancing with Chuck E Cheese!

Having cake with grandma and grandpa

Sam and his friends (Daniel, Lilly and Kubi)

Sam hanging out with Sathvik from Pre-K
We were all exhausted by the time we got home, but very happy how everything turn out.  It was nice having a party somewhere else and have everything taken care. We got home and Sam opened his presents.  We have lots of LEGO to build, a very happy 5 years old boy!

The family at Sam's birthday party.

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