Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's day 2014

We had a whole weekend of celebrating mother's day this year.   It started on the Friday before.  They had mom and son breakfast at Sam's preschool.   Sam already woke up super excited.  We were one of the first ones to arrive.   They put little flowers and table clothes on the little tables.   We sat down and had our breakfast together along with his friend Levi and his mom.   I loved my card, it was so adorable and so true.  Not sure where he got the "work" from, maybe because I like to go work out?  I am for sure no workaholic!  I loved that I was 25 and never forget!  I also got a cute handmade card by Noah with his fingerprints.
At Sam's preschool for Mom and son breakfast

Sam's mothe's day card
On Saturday, we had to go shopping for Aaron, he needed some clothes for the trip and I got a pedicure.   We just stayed home and barbecued.   They boys are so much fun now that we can actually enjoy to stay home.  

On Sunday, I woke up with flowers and cards from the boys.   We headed to Square One Brewery for brunch and sat outside in the patio, it was amazing.   I had a couple of mimosas and Aaron had  a  bloody Mary.   The buffet food was amazing with so much variety.  Not the typical buffet food, but the extra stuff (like salmon, shrimp, bruschetta, awesome French cheese.....).  After brunch we hung out at the Lafayette park for a while before heading to the mall to pick up my awesome bracelet I had eye balled for a while.   Sam, also made me an very cute mother's day bracelet.  He took his job very serious when making it.

Sam making my mother's bracelet
at Square one brewery with my favorites

Very good buffet food

It was a very good weekend. I miss my mom too, but she is always in our hearts.
My mom and I

My mother's bracelet from my boys

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