Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Noah turned 4!

Noah turned 4 – December 25, 2014 

In just the blink of an eye, my baby Noah just turned 4. No more pull-ups at night, no more sippy cups.  In his words “I am now a little guy”. The doctor told him that he now needs to try new foods and he is taking that seriously. Noah is our Christmas baby and he is such a joy. He is so funny and out of this world. He loves dinosaurs, sea creatures and animals. His favorite TV shows are nature programs on the BBC. He is always so happy, from early AM to late PM.   We are not sure if he really sleeps at night?

Noah on his 4th birthday
Noah had a serious conversation with Aaron the other day and told him “Dad, I want to have my own friends, not just Sam’s friends or family cousins”.   So, we figured it is time for him to start preschool.  After the 5 years that my babies have been at Miss Maria (our awesome babysitter), we will now register Noah for preschool.  I just can’t believe I don’t have any more babies, no more diapers at my house…it is bitter sweet.  I love their new phases and their personalities developing…and the fact that we can just get in the car and go.  As a mom, they will be forever my babies even when they have some beard on them.

They boys did great at Christmas mass (Noah fell asleep!)
Leaving food for the reindeer
Cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer
Christmas was very exciting this year and the kids were totally into.  We went to mass on Christmas Eve and set out cookies for Santa.  The kids were very excited.  Sam woke up in the middle of the night a couple of time and so did Noah.   Not sure how are we going to do next year?

The boys did great at Christmas mass (Noah feel asleep!)
Food for the reindeer
Cookies and milk for Santa
The next day, they were so EXCITED to see what Santa has brought.  I captured an awesome video of them, that I am trying to upload it (TBD). Their excitement was definitely very contagious and priceless.  We are trying not to spoil them too much with gifts, figured just a few things would be just fine and they were so happy.

Still dark outside, just about 6 AM.
Family Dinner
Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Meghan came to join the fun. Aaron made an awesome dinner including Bacalhau (cod fish, a portuguese dish), homemade mac and cheese, lots of cheese selection, Christmas potato, ham.....we had food all day long!

We finished the day singing Happy Birthday to my Noah and had some Dino cupcakes.  Noah was so happy.  Sam was already taking a nap by this time, the day was just too much for him.  Sam woke up later the day to join the fun again, when we opened Noah's birthday present.

Noah got some cool drums from his parents for his big day!
Merry Christmas 2014!

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