Monday, January 26, 2015

Sam has glasses

We have been having very nice weather this January in St. Louis. This past weekend we had highs in the 60s all weekend and plenty of sunshine. On Saturday we went to the mall to take Sam to try on some glasses. Sam failed his kindergarten assessment test for vision and when we took him for his 4 year checkup the nurse also noticed some concerns and suggested for him to see an ophthalmologist.  Aaron ended up taking Sam to the eye doctor last week and he indeed needed glasses.  He has a little bit of astigmatism just like his mother and grandpa Fernando and for that matter all his cousins in Brasil also wear glasses.

We like going to the mall to get glasses because we usually receive very good customer service and prices.  Aaron even got some prescription sunglasses while we were there. Sam looks so cute with his new glasses and so natural like he has always worn them.   Everyone has been saying how he looks so intelligent and grown up.

The funny thing about this whole experience was when Aaron took Noah back to Miss Maria on Monday.  He pretended he couldn't see anything and kept saying that “I need glasses". He even told Miss Maria that his whole family now wears glasses so he needs some too! That reminded me that I also exaggerated to my eye doctor when I was a kid to wear glasses myself and I don’t think I ever told my mom!  Well, I hope Noah doesn't have to wear them for a while and has Aaron’s good eyes.
Sam's first glasses at 5 years old

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