Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Noah's tongue tied

On Friday Feburary 1st, Noah had a small procedure to get his tongue clipped.  Noah was born with his tongue tied.  Our pediatrician was not pro-clipping unless absolutely necessary.  For example, if he couldn't eat or talk, etc.  Noah was breastfeeding like a champ so we had no issues on that territory.   He is now 2 years old, and lately we noticed that he had more trouble talking than Sam did at his age.   Our pediatrician told us that he is only two, so still ok if he doesn't talk as much as Sam did.   He said usually the second kid is more delayed, since his big brother would speak for him!  He is also a big fan of his pacifier.  Sometimes he even has three in his mouth at the same time!  Plus he is also bilingual which can delay a little bit the speech.

Noah with his tongue tied

However, he referred us to a ENT doctor to take a look and decide if we should do anything about it.   The ENT doctor was very impressed by his tongue tiedness and said even though is not related to non-talking, it would help with pronunciation (Especially if he will be bilingual), so we decided to go ahead with the surgery.

The hardest part was that Noah could not eat or drink after midnight.  The surgery was set to 8:15 AM and we needed to be there by 7:15 AM.  It was a little tough to keep him entertained for that long with no snacks/drinks.   After Noah tried to escape the room a few times, the nurses finally changed us to a room with a TV and that kept him a little bit entertained, but he was just getting tired by then.  Finally when the nurses came to get him for surgery he was almost falling asleep and he went with them with no problem.   The surgery took about 15 minutes, Aaron and I waited in the waiting room.   After the surgery the doctor came to talked to us and still mentioned how his tongue tied was very impressive and it took 3 stitches!  So, we feel that was a good thing that we got it done now.   

We came back to the room and Noah was sleeping, he was so cute:
Noah's sleeping after surgey
After he woke up and drank some apple juice we took him to Bread Company for breakfast.  We were hungry too!  He ate some muffins but was read to go home.   The rest of the day, he was pretty wild (maybe from the anesthesia?) and we kept him on tylenol.  He was drooling a lot!   He did ok.  Saturday his grandparents and aunt came to visit and we went out to lunch.  He was a little bit cranky but not too bad.   Monday he was good and happy to go back to his normal life!  He is not too much interested on his pacifier as much, which might be a good thing!

We went to Bread Company after surgery for muffins

New tongue- new life!

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