Thursday, February 28, 2013

Columbia reunion weekend

We had a friend from College that passed away from leukemia last november.   His name was Brad and he sure made an impact with everone.   We all got together and purchased a seat for him at the Columbia College basketball gym.  We (all the friends) decided to get together the weekend of February 16th for a game and to honor Brad and we made a Columbia weekend.

To start out our weekend, after dropping the boys at Grandma and Grandpa's house, Aaron and I met Beth and Curt (american sis and bro) at Booches for lunch.  It was so much fun, we just sat there and talked for about 2 hours.   The burgers were delicious.

Beth and I

Burgers and Beer
After lunch, we headed to Columbia College to meet up with everyone and watch the guys basketballs.  Columbia College is very different now, with many new buildings.  For some reason it didn't make me miss college time.  Perhaps because I am still in touch with my friends?  Or because I feel too old for college?  Maybe I am happy with my life?  It was just so good to see everyone.  I do still miss high school  for some reason though :).

Aaron and I and the gang watching hte game!

Brad's friends and family
The seat turned out pretty good

After the game, we met with our friends and husbands for dinner at Blue.   I don't even remember the last time we all got together.  Everyone is good, married with kids!  We just always have so much to talk about.

It was good to be out....
Stephanie, Brooke, Danny, Chris, David, Max, Aaron, Carolina, Beth, Jamie and Allison

After dinner, we did a quick stop at a popular irish pub that we used to go allt he time.  I can't believe that is like 10 years ago already.  Time flies....

We went home early since we still have the boys early in the morning, but it sure was such a good time.

The next day we hang out at grandma and grandpa's house for the morning and headed to famous Shakespeare's pizza for lunch to finish our weekend in Columbia.   We were all pretty tired including the boys.

Noah making Dino pizza

Sam making dino pizza

Sam and Grandpa watching the guys making the dough

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