Friday, February 8, 2013

Grito de Carnaval!

Carnval begins in Brazil today.  It is onne of the biggest parties in the planet!   I had my carnaval time (during my teenager years) and had lots of fond memories, so as of right now I do prefer the quiet time now at home with the family.  I do however, know that Carnaval is such an important Brazilian tradtion that I want to introduce it to the boys.  We have Brazilian TV at home (Sam is getting the idea of Carnaval on TV), so I think it is important for them to grow up knowing about Carnaval.

We have a brazilian association in town that promotes events throughout the year about Brazilian Culture.   We decide to take only Sam this year, since Noah was just recovering from his little procedure.  Usually in Brasil, the kids will dress up (like Halloween, but it is like 90 degrees weather there).  There is always a band playing music and everyone else is dancing.

Sam dressed up like a knight (of course) and the Brazilian Carnaval took place on a church in Maplewood.  You had to pay to get in, and  they had drinks and brazilian snacks which was a plus!

Sam dressed as a Knight dancing some carnaval music

The band playing all kind of rhythms, Sam thought it was very loud at fist, but he got used to it pretty quickly and even wanted to try to play the drums!
The Band

Sam playing the drums- very focus!

Brasileirinho/little brazilian

Sam with brazilian friends

We had a good time, we think it is important for the boys to learn about brazilian cutlure and hopefully they will have this event every year!  This weekend, we will be watching on TV.  Oh, Kim Kardashian just arrive in Rio for the Carnaval parties :).

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