Tuesday, January 22, 2013

December Madness!

It is really hard to keep up with the blog in December.  We had so much going on, so many events...It was a fun month, I might just have to summarize somehow.  

We had Noah's 2nd birthday party on December 15th. at the Little Gym.  Noah is our Christmas baby so we try to have his party before Christmas.   The party was so much fun.   Noah was  the king and he had a blast.  He loves little Gym so he felt right at home.  We had about 10 kids at the party.  The theme was puppies.  Noah has a passsion for puppies, it was basically his first word after mamae and papai.  Aaron's mom made the very cute goodie bags and Aaron's sister Meghan made the cake, cupcake and popcake.

The table was so cute

The cake was Noah's favorite blueberry

Goodie bags!

Papai, mamae and Noah
On December 23 rd, we finally got together with our friends and husbands for a dinner night.  It was such a great evening, so much fun.   We really appreciate now when we get to go out to dinner and meet up with friends. The place was called Corked Wine Bar and Corked was very cute.   We had a very good time.
Max and Jamie, Beth and Curt, Brooke and David and us (Aaron and Carolina)
Christams Eve we went to mass with my mom and the boys.  I was so worried how they are going to be, because mass was so packed and it is not like you can go back and forth all the time as we usually do.  My mom and I got there very early and got seats, Aaron and the boys came in just before mass started.   They were a little bit uneasy at the beginning, but they relaxed by the end and Sam even slept!

Christmas Day, the boys woke up and we got to see their faces when they saw all the presents under the tree and it was so special.   They were so excited.   Aaron's parentes and sister came over around 10 AM and we had a nice brunch and the boys opened much more presents.   It was a nice and relaxing day.

Santa visited last night!

Our Christmas brunch with the family

We had dinner around 4 PM made by Chef Aaron and it was delicious.   After dinner, we had a birthday cake for Noah and he cried when we sang happy birthday.  He is not sure about the song I guess?  He will always be my best Christmas presente ever!

Birthday to Noah!

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