Sunday, November 18, 2012

I saw a beatle!

Last Sunday night, Aaron and I had a date night and we went to Paul McCartney’s Concert.    Aaron’s mom and sister came along and Aaron’s dad babysat the boys for us.    It took us 2 hours to arrive (a lot of traffic + rain) but we made it just in time.    Paul was amazing, what a concert!    
“Good evening, St. Louie. It’s good to be back” Paul said as soon as he came out.  Paul played the piano, ukulele, the guitar and the mandolin, he can do it all!  When he sang “Live and Let Die”, there were huge fireworks in the stage.   I cried when he played “Golden Slumbers” in disbelief that I was there.   At one point, everyone in the crowd was singing “nanananana” when he played “Hey Jude”.  
It was one of those concerts that you feel so many emotions, because obviously Paul is still playing/singing because he wants to be there.  Plus the fact that he is just awesome.  He also honored John Lennon and George Harrison playing songs for them.  My favorite song was “Yesterday”.  I remembered when he played in Rio many years ago, and they were showing him on TV playing “Yesterday” on the piano, and I thought it was so great.  He sang for almost 3 hours.  I danced and sang along almost the whole time.   I can’t believe I saw a Beatle!    Insane!!!

Paul playing "Hey Jude"

Thank you Paul!

Paul holding the Missouri Flag


  1. That's amazing! I'm envious of all your concert going. :) How fun.