Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Boy's hair

Our boys have completely different hair styles.   Sam has thick curly hair, and Noah has straight, smooth hair.  For their first hair cut we took them to the Hairy Elephant, which is a hair cut place just for kids.    Both boys did very good.   After a few times,  we decided to do the trimming ourselves adn save some money.  I started just doing their bangs, and the last time I went a little over board.  Disaster.   We decided to just let their hair to grow out for a while so they can get a decent hair cut.  We do like little boys with long hair and are not too big fan of the "buzz" hair cut.

Here is Sam and Noah Hair style:

Sam has wavy, curly hair

Noah has straight hair -we are trying to do his bangs to the side


Do they look like they need hair cuts?

After Thanksgiving we decided to take Noah to get his hair cut, it was about time.  We made sure to tell the hairstlyst that we like to keep a little bit long.   Noah did so good and just sat there watching Mickey on TV.  He even got his hair washed and dried.  I am going to just trim Sam's bangs over the weekend, his hair is not ready for a real hair cut yet.  Here is Noah at his hair appointment.

Getting rid of the mullet hair!

Noah has short hair!


  1. So cute! I love Noah's serious look at the hair salon.

  2. Muito fofos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!