Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Staycation with papai 2013

Miss Maria takes one week vacation every year and this year it was over the 4th of July week.    Aaron took the week off to hang out with the kids and I was off on Thursday and Friday of that week too, so it was a good week for a staycation.   Papai took the boys to different kinds of activities throughout that week.  A little summary by papai (Aaron).

MondayAaron and the boys went to the Zoo.  The first thing we did was pet the stingrays and sharks. Noah was a bit scared of all the splashing around, but had to get a stuffed shark toy before we left.  Then we went to the reptile house and the monkey house.  The reptile house was the kids favorite and they spent time looking into every single exhibit.  The weather was cool outside that day so all the big animals were very active.  We even got to see the baby Asian elephant, Priyya.

Ice cream for refreshing

How cute is baby priyya?

Brothers looking at stingray

Tuesday- We had plans to go to the Botanical Garden.  When we got up in the morning it was raining a bunch, but we decided to try to go anyway.  After waiting an hour in the normal rainy day in St. Louis traffic we made it to the garden and a nearly empty parking lot.  I decided that we could at least do all the inside exhibits.  We toured the plants and people of the southwest exhibit. Sam loved seeing the cactious and the Native American dwellings.  We then went to the Climatron and temperate house. Then we toured the food exhibition.   We had only been at the gardens and hour and had just about extinguished the interior opportunities so we decided we could handle the torrential rain and go to the children’s garden.  Sam and Noah had the entire place to themselves and had a blast.   Due to the heavy rain- no pictures.

Wednesday- Aaron took the boys for a hike at the Powder Valley Nature Center (We call the Nature museum) in Kirkwood.  It is a great park, they hiked for about 2 miles and went to check out the museum area.  The weather was nice again so they were able to have a picnic outside.

In front of the Nature museum

Checking out the maps

We see deers!

Nice hike in the woods

Time for a picnic

and some brotherhood

Checking out the museum things

very interesting

I should mention that all the events above were free.  St. Louis offers so many free activities for kids and we definitely take advantage of everything they offer.  We enjoy the outdoors as much as we can, and we are rarely at home during a nice day watching TV or such.  

Thursday and Friday I was off so I will continue for a 4th of July weekend fun!

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