Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sam's last day at Miss Maria

We were very lucky that we found the perfect babysitter for the boys.   Miss Maria only lives 5 minutes from our house and we found her  through a recommendation.    The boys loved her.   I was home for a whole year with Sam, right after he turned 1 year old, I went back to work and he started going to Miss Maria.   He was there for exactly 3 full years.   Sam is now 4 years old and was time for him to move on and to start preschool.  His last day at Miss Maria was very nice, which was June 28 2013, we brought some cupcakes and a gift to Miss Maria.   The kids did a very cute card to Sam with his favorite things.  Noah still be going to Miss Maria for another year, so Sam will get to see her from time to time.  Sam can't wait for preschool.  My boy is growing up too fast.

Sam and Miss Maria on his last day

Things we know about Sam:  Knows about the planets, has a bear name Gavin, loves Peter Rabbit, plays soccer, eats only Peanut butter sandwiches for lunch and waffles with extra syrup for breakfast....
And Sam always has a smile on his face, have fun at school, we love you!!! Miss maria, Gavin, Allison and Amelia.

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