Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Brasil against corruption

Brazil had a very hot week with protests and demonstrations.  It all started when the public transportation went up about $0.20 cents.  It was just the tip of the iceberg, a catalyst.  The truth is that the population, especially the middle class is tired of a corrupted government.   Brasil is hosting the soccer world cup next year and the Olympics in 2014.  The government has spent billions renovating stadiums and getting ready for those big events.  The truth is that of course all those renovations are "overpriced" with public money.   The population don't see the benefits.  Brasil lacks big time in education and health.  The politics make super salaries that is outrageous.  The major hashtags of this week was: #changebrasil #wedontneedworldcup #mudabrasil.  As a Brazilian with Brazilian kids and a husband that is Brazilian by heart, we decided to go downtown this weekend to protest.  I love my country and hope to see a better Brasil some day.

We didn't counted on a big storm that crashed the protest from nowhere.  We were soaked and had to go down the arch to get covered.  It was the craziest big storm we experienced being exposed to it.  We had to go home because we were soaked and the kids were a little bit freaking out.   However, we were able to make the news and got our message out there. #stlouissupportsbrasil

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