Thursday, May 23, 2013

New bed, obnoxious vet bill, hair cut and a broken wrist

This past week was one of a kind.   So much to write and trying to find the time to do so.   On Wednesday the boys ended up with a stomach bug and Aaron stayed home with them.   It was just an one day thing, but it is crazy when both of your kids are throwing up at the same time.   Thankfully Aaron and I did not get sick so we could care for them.   Aaron worked on lowering Noah's bed and when I got home that is what I saw:
Noah loves his new bed
Noah loved his new bed and had not issue with the transition and stayed in bed all night and for naps!  Of course the boys liked the new bed and it was the hang out place for Friday night too for watching TV and playing.   Sam ended up falling off the bed and hurt himself.  I was taking a shower and I heard him crying and Aaron got to him.  When I got out of the shower Aaron was still calming him down which is very unusual for Sam.  We didn't think it was broken; we just got him some ice and went to bed.  Sam was uncomfortable all night long, crying for me to come over there, so I was comforting him all night long.  The next morning, Sam seemed to be back to normal but we noticed he was not moving his arm and said that still hurt a little bit.    We thought we would call the doctor if we think he wasn't getting any better, so we decided to go ahead and start the day.  The boys had hair cuts in the morning and I wanted to cut Noah's hair very short!  I found a cute picture online and I showed to the hairstylist.  Sam just got a trimmed.  Noah was like a different kid:

Noah's new hair cut
After getting the boys hair cut, we took Lola to her annual Veterinary appointment.   We decided to take the whole family this time so they can see how it works.  We usually pay about $200 for Lola's appointment.  This time, she had fleas so she needed to get some extra flea medicine.   So, everything went well and Aaron took the boys to the car while I was going to pay the bill.  So, I am about to pay this bill and she tells me the total: $450.95.  I was so shocked that I had to ask her again for the number.   After she repeats again $450.95, I asked her to see the bill.  The only thing different is the flea medication.   She showed me the bill, if feels like everything on the bill was like $30 for this $40 for this $ 48 for this......I had to go to the parking lot to tell Aaron.   He rolled out the window and I said the bill is $450.95 and I can't afford it.  He was shocked too and told me to put in our credit card.    We were so in shock and now we are finding better alternatives for her next year.  Lola also needs teeth cleaning which the estimates was $350.00, so I am researching to find another place for her.  We probably won’t have any more dogs after Lola, we like to travel and I am really happy having fishes!

This was all just Saturday morning.  So, we started to notice that Sam's wrist was getting very swollen and we decided to take him to the urgent care.   He was feeling fine, but just not moving his one hand.   Aaron takes him to the urgent care and they just waited about one hour, he said it wasn't too bad.  He broke his wrist in two places.  We were shocked again, had no idea it was broken.   We just needed to follow up with an orthopedist in the next few days.  Sam was such a trooper with this whole ordeal.  What a week!

Sam broken wrist

Sam after coming back from urgent care
We took the boys to get ice cream for some distraction!

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