Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's day

We decided to head to Columbia saturday morning and spend the weekend with the family.  It was the first weekend withou vovo, so it would be a nice distraction for the kids.    The kids played all the day long, we had lunch at Freedie's as Aaron had requested.  It was good.   Columbia now has so many new restaurants and they are builting so many new buildings all over dowtown.  At night we had a nice barbeque with the family and Aaron and I went around downtown to check it out.   The day was beautiful and we took some nice shots of Mizzou.

University of Missouri, Columbia

The next day, was Mother's day.    I got my well waited perfume : Joe Malone Orange Blossom.  I have been using their samples for months in hope I would get it as a present in the near future.  I loved it, the kids gave me some nice cards and was very sweet.   We had brunch at The Upper Crust.  Noah slept through brunch but woke up when we were leaving.  It was a very nice day.

Aaron with his sister and mom

Aaron and the boys at the columns

Aaron and the boys with the statue of Thomas Jefferson

I love my boys at Mother's day

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